He is There

Photo by Brett Sayles

Hi friends. I’m here in my music room writing and thought I’d drop you a note. Every once in a while someone from China or India or Canada trips over my site- and I have thought about what I would want to share with someone who only spends a few moments here.

I found this video that expresses what I’m feeling and it’s this: that Heavenly Father, or God, whatever name you know Him by, really is there for you. He hears your prayers. He knows your heart. He’s in the process of answering your prayers before you even know to be worried about something. He is so loving, and because He is there, He will help you through whatever it is that you need.

I think it’s amazing the many ways that Heavenly Father has shown me He is nearby and aware of me. At times it has been a hug from one of my children at just the moment I feel a need. There have been moments that a phone call has come in the middle of a prayer and it’s just what I need. There have sure been times that I’ve wondered, probably like all of you, “Where are you right now? I could really use some help…”

It’s in those times that I remember a story I’ve heard about a little girl who jumped into a lake and though she had a life jacket on, she cried out for help. Her parents were right there- she wasn’t in any real danger, but she felt so afraid. I picture myself as that little girl when I am afraid and calling out for help and it seems like no help is coming. And I remind myself, “Maybe I’m not in any real danger. Maybe I can do this. Maybe I need to try to swim, and as I do that, I will get help along the way.” Maybe the answer isn’t always the rescue I feel I need, but quiet, so that I can remind myself “I CAN do this.”

Here is a video that I enjoyed that discusses that idea.

Happy Tuesday!