“Isn’t it a joy when your passion and your purpose collide?”

~Joey Reyes Owen

It’s with joy (and some trepidation) that I share with you the results of this musical “collision”.  Hopefully you will find something here that brightens your day!  (All recordings are available to listen to free of charge.)

Pieces/Songs I Have Written
Come Discover, Come Explore (June 2014)
Emerge (Winter 2014-2015)
Come Home (November 2015)
Master of Colors (January 2017)
Teach My Heart To See (April 2017)
The Load (October 2017)
Sunset (September 2018)
Penny in my Pocket (August 2018)
Say Yes (Christmas 2018)
The Holding Place (May 2019)
Abide with Me (Fall 2019)
Peace (Written 2015, Recorded May 2020)
The Little Red Flute (August 2020)
Sleepless *30 Minute #1* (September 2020)
Exploring *30 Minute #2* (September 2020)
Recordings of Music By Other Composers
Peace in Christ (May 2020)
(More music coming soon…)