Hello!  I am delighted you found me here at Melodies of Light.  My motive for starting this website is to share light- because light has the power to push back darkness.  A few years ago I began writing music and found that I loved how satisfying it felt to express my heart through music.

As I put together a binder with my first 2 or 3 compositions, I decided to name the growing compilation “Melodies of Light”.  The name seemed to portray what I hoped those pieces would be- music that conveyed the light within me.  My binder has filled up, I have learned a lot through the process, and I have felt drawn to share my music and thoughts with others- both the pieces I have written and ones not yet begun.

This site is largely for the purpose of sharing my music and the stories that go with them, but I also want it to be a place to find bits of inspiration, glimpses of hope, healing, excitement, passion, laughter, and peace.  I hope you find something you can take with you here!

The content of this site will include:

~Sheet music (Compositions by me and/or collaborations with other musicians)

~Recordings of my compositions

~Blog content about creativity, light, things that make me happy, family life, music, and inspiration

~Recommendations of resources that I have found helpful

My hope is that somehow my little light can help someone else, and that my focus on light can help me choose to look for the good around me and see my glass not just half full, but overflowing with blessings from a loving Heavenly Father.

Thanks for joining me here, and I hope you’ll drop me a note if you have something on your mind!

Much love,