Cause it makes me happy...


Photo by Manish Sharma on Unsplash

Today the sun is shining. We are relishing each sunny moment after a long winter! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are. If not, stir up some sunshine inside by doing something meaningful, fun, challenging or relaxing!

On long car rides, my son often asks for “5’s.” It’s a game that my mom introduced to him. One person introduces a category and challenges the other person to think of five things in that category. It might sound something like this. “Name 5 lakes,” or “Can you think of 5 kinds of trees,” or “5 of your favorite desserts.” It can be anything.

This afternoon as I was waiting in the Walmart parking lot for my grocery order, I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to a few “5’s” and anyone that would like to join in the comments below is welcome to! Let’s keep it simple for today…

5 things that help me relax:

Taking a hot shower, drawing, petting an animal, listening to music, receiving a hug.

5 things I’ve done with my family recently:

Went geo-cashing, watched jockeys and their horses warm up at a Kentucky race track (!), had a bonfire on our land, ate yummy custardy ice cream, and attended the Louisville, Kentucky temple together.

What are 5 things that help you relax?

What are 5 things you’ve done with your family recently?

Bye for now,


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