Writing for Me :)

Hi friends! So I’m working on music most days lately and it’s been more fun for me. I’m using a program called “Scoreclub” where I am taking classes and doing practice pieces. I thought I’d share my most recent piece. This is a very short 20 second piece, but it was good practice for me, and it was really fun to work on! I’m working on streamlining my writing process and engaging my creativity without engaging so much anxiety and overwhelm. Simplifying seems to be just what I need to be doing right now. Also, I’ve decided that it’s way more fun to write for myself, and then decide if I want to share. It’s interesting how that has changed what I create. And also- I’m having more fun! So I’m going to take that as an indication that I’m on the right track! Woohoo! This piece is entitled, “The Path.”



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