Filled with Light

ws_Woman_Autumn_Forest_Sunlight_1024x768Today I came across this photo/painting ( and I had to share.  Don’t you love the bright colors of autumn?  Watching the woman in motion moving toward the light?  She represents to me a woman who lives with her heart wide open and is full of love and life.

What also catches my attention is that at first glance, she is just so full of light, there must not be any darkness to be afraid of.  But that isn’t the case; there are plenty of areas that are dark- the tree trunks, the shadows, areas beyond the trees we can see…But her full focus is toward light, so those dark areas are overlooked.

Can we spend more time focusing on the light?  Filling ourselves with light?  Walking toward the light?  Will that light and focus help not just us?  Will others be able to embrace the light more fully with our modeling?  Yes!  The light we experience will permeate our home, and influence those we love who are close to us. Tomorrow on the Sabbath, I plan to soak in as much light as humanly possible from the source of light- our Savior, Jesus Christ! Happy Sabbath, friends!



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