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Wednesday Musings

Tonight was a unique experience.  Sometimes you plan and plan to share a song you have written with an audience, or perhaps write a song and wonder if it has an audience.  But sometimes before you even put the last touches on a song, an opportunity arises.  Suddenly there you are, excited to share and yet hoping that the message gets through even with a few fumbles.

I had the privilege of accompanying myself singing a song tonight that I am looking forward to sharing here soon, which is currently entitled “But if Not” (sometimes the title changes in the final editing stages).  I have been collaborating with a good friend, Shaille Claypool, on this project.  As we worked in our separate homes this morning, sharing ideas back and forth by email, I had the thought that I could share it with a small group of friends tonight if I was finished in time.  It seemed to fill a need for the gathering since we were hoping to encourage a friend who is in a lot of pain and wanting to know “Where is God when I need him most?”

I’ll give more details about the song when I post it, but the idea that it elaborates on is that sometimes God takes the thing away that is a struggle for us.  But we all have had times where He doesn’t.  In those challenging times, we can know that “My Father’s ways are higher than my ways, my Father can see a broader view.”  We can have the attitude that, “I would like this trial taken away, ‘but if not’ (if it is not solved in the way or time I think it should be solved) I will trust the Lord.”  Do you recognize the biblical reference of “But if Not”?  Those are tiny words in a big bible, but the message is powerful.  Look up Daniel 3 and read about those 3 amazing men that had faith in God- faith that was not dependent on deliverance, but was anchored in Jesus Christ.  TTFN!


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