Wow- this inspires me!

A little inspiration for your day…

Last week, the boys and I took a quick trip down to visit my parents.  One of the evenings my Dad told me that I just had to watch part of this Ted talk by Benjamin Zander.  He showed me a 5 minute clip, which I enjoyed, and then I asked him to share the link with me so I could finish it later.  Today I finally got around to it and quickly concluded it was too good to keep to myself.  I love presentations like this that help me lift my sights from the everyday routines to the vision of who I want to be and how to be an influence for good in the world.  I love his dialog about vision, about making others’ eyes shine, the journey music takes you on, and his imitation of symphony conductors!  In my opinion, it’s worth a listen!  Enjoy!

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