Wow- this inspires me!

Gathering Light

Good morning friends!

Here’s a quote that I love:

“As you keep your face towards the sunshine, the shadows cannot help but fall behind you.” (Unknown author, quoted in talk “Light Cleaveth Unto Light”-

This morning I was determined to gather light and point my thoughts in a positive direction. I thought I’d share with you what has been a boost to me this morning.

I just love that one! It fills me with hope and faith and courage.

There is an absolutely beautiful arrangement of “Glorious” with music and dancing that was at the end of a BYU Women’s conference session. It has spoken to my heart more than once! Here is the link, it’s at 1:18:38 (right at the end of the session):

And this is a talk that I just loved and thought you might too. It’s at 59:47.

I hope you have a wonderful day!



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