Cause it makes me happy...

Hans Zimmer at his Finest

Photo by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash

Hello friends!  I hope you’re soaking up the sunshine like we are.  What beautiful days we’ve been enjoying in Washington State!

Today I wanted to share a little clip with you that made me laugh out-loud today.  It’s actually an advertisement for an online masterclass from Hans Zimmer- an incredible film composer (think The Lion King, The Dark Knight, and Pirates of the Caribbean).   I don’t think I’ll sign up (though I’ve considered the 7-day free trial version…) but I really enjoyed the clips that preview his instruction.   He is one of many composers that I admire, and find his comments about composing inspiring!

My favorite part was his 4th segment entitled “Themes as Questions and Answers.”  It’s about two minutes long and and it allows you to get an inside look at how a master composer perceives music- what is the theme communicating to the listener?  Check it out!

(Click on the play button on Hans Zimmer’s photograph in order to see the preview clips.  Then click on the one at the far right that says “Themes as Questions and Answers.”)

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