Cause it makes me happy...

Monday Musings

Friends, it’s been a while!  Outside it’s sunny and white (we enjoy 4 seasons up here!) and it’s been a great day so far.

I’m in the middle of several projects but don’t have a lot of finished pieces to post just yet.  Instead today I thought I’d share 3 things about me.

1- I LOVE nutella.  I eat it by the spoonful, with a banana, on bread (my favorite!) or on icecream.  I think it’s more than the flavor that gets me- it’s a very nostalgic treat.  Before you could even buy it in the United States, my cousins who lived in Europe sent it to our family for Christmas.  I can remember eating nutella on bread with my little brother in the kitchen and it brings back fond memories.

2- I am taking voice lessons!  I have quite a bit of experience with singing, including voice lessons in college, but there are some technique issues that have always haunted me and I knew once all my kids were in school that I wanted to work on my voice again.  Mostly I wanted to have a healthy voice that wouldn’t go hoarse after singing for 5 minutes (aka figure out how to do it right!).  I’m really enjoying learning and am making a lot of progress!

3- I have recently shifted my focus from primarily song-writing to doing some orchestrating work.  (That basically means writing for orchestra instruments – so several different instruments on a particular work rather than just piano or piano and voice.)  I have enjoyed some sample lessons from Berklee Online and instructional podcasts and articles from which have been an essential part of teaching myself how to do these new skills!  It’s been a fun adventure so far!

Cause it makes me happy...

Hello, Fall!


Hello friends!  Happy fall!  It’s here already- and I’m not sure I’m quite ready….but nobody asked me!  I’m excited to get back to writing on my blog and I’m SO excited to share with you the song that I’m currently working on recording (stay tuned!) but for today, I thought I’d share just a few of my current favorite things:

1- This mediterranean pasta salad is AMAZING- but since I’m already a big fan of Mels Kitchen Cafe, I’m not sure why that surprises me.  Do yourself a favor and try it out! (I added cooked chicken and swapped in cucumbers for the artichokes.)

2- After school snack time!  My 3 boys are all in school this year, so our afternoon snack time has turned into the most heart-warming daily experience.  Everyone wants to share about how wonderful their days were, and I have had some quiet (!!!) so I can fully absorb all the positive energy coming my way!  I’m loving it!

3- Rainbows…We spotted a beautiful rainbow last week during a torrential downpour which happened to be in the middle of my oldest son’s soccer game.  A few minutes later a second rainbow was visible too.  Yes, we came home very wet, but who isn’t dazzled by getting to see a double rainbow?  It just makes life sweeter!

4- Picking out carpet!  We are in the middle of remodelling a building for my husband’s business to move into, and currently the decision of the week is carpet.  I realized today that this is a first for us- we have never needed to pick out carpet, and I have to say I’m finding the process really enjoyable!

What’s on your favorites list today?

Love, Laura