Sunday Thoughts

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

Hello, friends.

This morning I read this from a talk by Elder Budge (Consistent and Resilient Trust, November 2019):

“After the Lord worked with the Brother of Jared to resolve each of his concerns, he then explained, “Ye cannot cross this great deep save I prepare a way for you against the waves of the sea, and the winds which have gone forth, and the floods which shall come.

The Lord made it clear that ultimately the Jaredites could not make it to the promised land without Him. They were not in control and the only way they could make it across the great deep was to put their trust in Him. These experiences and tutoring from the Lord seemed to deepen the Brother of Jared’s faith and strengthen his trust in the Lord.”

Wow, I love this so much. It reminds me of an experience I had last fall where I kept feeling like I needed to find a new way to move forward because I knew the current way I was going about it was not going to get me where I needed to go in my circumstances. I kept thinking “I need to find a new way” and would often feel a follow-up thought suggested to my mind: “He will prepare a way for your escape.”

“I’ll find a way.” “He will prepare a way.” The suggestion would come gently, and often. I had not mentioned this frequent train of thought to my husband, and one night I asked for a blessing to help me make an important decision about these circumstances I’ve been referring to. In the blessing, I was told that “Heavenly Father has prepared a way for your escape but you need to be willing to do it His way.” It was a beautiful confirmation that I was safely in His care, and the way out was to put my trust more fully in my Heavenly Father.

I’m so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who is so aware of each of us. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so real to me. In the challenging experiences of our lives, we find them nearby in a way we don’t have to when we feel comfortable and life is going well. Their love and support is real and I’m so grateful to have felt it in my life.