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Have you heard of Cheri Call?  I’d say she was one of the top 5 song-writers that inspired me when I first started writing music.  I told people I wanted to be somewhere between Cheri Call and Josh Groban.  Figure that one out! 🙂  One of my favorite songs that Cheri wrote was called “No” and as far as I can tell, there are only pirated copies that are accessible over the internet.  So I’ll share the lyrics with you and you can go seek out her CD if you’re interested!  I LOVE it when a songwriter uses a phrase to mean one thing,  (like “He says No”) and then because of the journey you go on as the song progresses, the song-writer actually presents the same phrase and it means something totally different toward the end of the song.  Gives me goosebumps!  Here’s the lyrics to “No”:

A little boy at the end of a day knelt by his bed to say a prayer
And Father up in Heaven heard the prayer he prayed
And listened to each word with greatest care
The boy said,
“Please bless that tomorrow I won’t have to take a bath,
And bless that they will cancel school for snow.”
And God had the power to protect him and never let him grow
But He said, “No.”

A young man was holding tightly to the hand of a girl who had to say
And as she walked away he had to whisper a prayer
As he fought every tear that filled his eyes
He whispered,
“Please can you make her turn around and change her mind?
It’s the deepest hurt that I have ever known.”
And God had the power to protect him and never let him grow
But He said, “No.”

And there are yeses that our father can hardly wait to give
And they are packed in every crevice of the lives we live
Sometimes God will pour down miracles and amazing twists of fate
And other times He chooses just to whisper, “Wait.”

How many times have I prayed for blue skies
So no one has to cancel the game
And I feel so abandoned when the sky gets dark
Never knowing all the ones who prayed for rain
And usually the story’s even trickier than this
With solutions that only God could know
But if you ask Him if He’s ever overlooked you
Or ceased to love you so
He’ll say, “No.”


Cause it makes me happy... · Wow- this inspires me!

Star Wars


I’ll admit- I haven’t seen all the new Star Wars movies.  When I talk about Star Wars being amazing, (did I mention that Star Wars is one of my favorite movie-series?) it’s the original 3 that I’m talking about.  Who’s with me?  Hans Solo is witty and handsome, Leia is gorgeous, Darth Vador is the epitomy of “bad guy”, the drama is perfect, the droids, the death star, Chewbacca, the action, Luke discovering….who he is (no spoiler here in case you haven’t watched it!) and of course, the Millenial Falcon…

How much of my fondness is more tied to childhood memories than the actual movie?  I can’t be sure!  But either way, today I had to share this incredible tribute to Star Wars in case you haven’t seen it.

May the force be with you,


Cause it makes me happy... · Thought


IMG_2267About a week ago, I went on a field trip with my 6 year old, L.  After learning about catagorizing items, the kindergartners were introduced to the idea of “living” and “non-living.”  We went out in the woods to explore, looking for things to write down for each category.

Here’s a question for you that I’ve been pondering today.  How many of you name non-living items in your life?  Sure, it makes sense to name a dog (living), a child (living), or a perhaps a wild turkey (yes, they like to visit our back yard- definitely living).  But how about a toaster?  A car?  A computer?

When Jon and I got married, we had a car that we fondly named “Shenaynay” (shuh-nay-nay).  We talked about it being the car that our oldest, G, would learn to drive someday.   (We’re now 5 years away from that frightening day and Shenaynay is still going strong!  Go Hondas!)  Later we purchased a Honda CR-V that was a beautiful red color and we named her “Cherry”.  No, we have never named our toaster, though we were excited the other day when we realized we still have the same toaster we received on our wedding day (nearly 13 years ago!).

Today as I was thinking about getting up to the piano to start “working” (aka playing) for the day, I thought, “Really, she needs a name!”  Yes, it’s a “she”.  Maybe because it makes me feel less outnumbered with 3 boys and a husband.  Maybe just so the piano doesn’t compete with the boys for being a favorite boy.  But really, she needs a name.

So, readers, I’m throwing it out to you.  Tell me what she looks like: a Bertha?  Glenda?  Leslie?  I need your help- she needs a name.  🙂  (And I’d love to hear about non-living things you have named over the years.)

Have a great day,


Cause it makes me happy...

Little things…

It’s been a busy week here in the mountains!  The weather is turning colder but here inside it’s warm and cozy.

What are you listening to these days?  This morning we listened to a Sandra Boynton CD while the boys were getting ready for school.  “Dance It Out” started out our day on a peppy, happy tone.  I also have really enjoyed playing and singing through our Children’s Movie Songs sheet music book; songs like “Reflections” from Mulan and “Whistle a Happy Tune” have been fun for me to revisit.

I am trying to listen to music more often (maybe it’s having 3 boys that makes it so I highly value quiet and stillness!) but sometimes I have a hard time breaking out of what I usually listen to.  Do you have any ideas for me?  Pieces that you have an emotional reaction to?  Soundtracks you love?  Songs that make you want to dance?  Or sing?

Here’s a few ideas that you may not have thought of recently and that you might enjoy.  Have a great day!

From Ratatouille:

From La La Land:

From the Piano Guys:


Cause it makes me happy...

Wednesday Musings

Tonight was a unique experience.  Sometimes you plan and plan to share a song you have written with an audience, or perhaps write a song and wonder if it has an audience.  But sometimes before you even put the last touches on a song, an opportunity arises.  Suddenly there you are, excited to share and yet hoping that the message gets through even with a few fumbles.

I had the privilege of accompanying myself singing a song tonight that I am looking forward to sharing here soon, which is currently entitled “But if Not” (sometimes the title changes in the final editing stages).  I have been collaborating with a good friend, Shaille Claypool, on this project.  As we worked in our separate homes this morning, sharing ideas back and forth by email, I had the thought that I could share it with a small group of friends tonight if I was finished in time.  It seemed to fill a need for the gathering since we were hoping to encourage a friend who is in a lot of pain and wanting to know “Where is God when I need him most?”

I’ll give more details about the song when I post it, but the idea that it elaborates on is that sometimes God takes the thing away that is a struggle for us.  But we all have had times where He doesn’t.  In those challenging times, we can know that “My Father’s ways are higher than my ways, my Father can see a broader view.”  We can have the attitude that, “I would like this trial taken away, ‘but if not’ (if it is not solved in the way or time I think it should be solved) I will trust the Lord.”  Do you recognize the biblical reference of “But if Not”?  Those are tiny words in a big bible, but the message is powerful.  Look up Daniel 3 and read about those 3 amazing men that had faith in God- faith that was not dependent on deliverance, but was anchored in Jesus Christ.  TTFN!


Cause it makes me happy...

Hello, Fall!


Hello friends!  Happy fall!  It’s here already- and I’m not sure I’m quite ready….but nobody asked me!  I’m excited to get back to writing on my blog and I’m SO excited to share with you the song that I’m currently working on recording (stay tuned!) but for today, I thought I’d share just a few of my current favorite things:

1- This mediterranean pasta salad is AMAZING- but since I’m already a big fan of Mels Kitchen Cafe, I’m not sure why that surprises me.  Do yourself a favor and try it out! (I added cooked chicken and swapped in cucumbers for the artichokes.)

2- After school snack time!  My 3 boys are all in school this year, so our afternoon snack time has turned into the most heart-warming daily experience.  Everyone wants to share about how wonderful their days were, and I have had some quiet (!!!) so I can fully absorb all the positive energy coming my way!  I’m loving it!

3- Rainbows…We spotted a beautiful rainbow last week during a torrential downpour which happened to be in the middle of my oldest son’s soccer game.  A few minutes later a second rainbow was visible too.  Yes, we came home very wet, but who isn’t dazzled by getting to see a double rainbow?  It just makes life sweeter!

4- Picking out carpet!  We are in the middle of remodelling a building for my husband’s business to move into, and currently the decision of the week is carpet.  I realized today that this is a first for us- we have never needed to pick out carpet, and I have to say I’m finding the process really enjoyable!

What’s on your favorites list today?

Love, Laura